Maklon Kosmetik

With the ever increasing awareness in the value of using natural products, there is a growing number of women (and men as well) who are searching for 100% pure skincare products. Natural is always the best way to go and the best way to care for your skin is to use natural products and care for your overall health.

However, there really is no such thing as a totally natural skincare product, no matter what the advertising would have you believe. It’s impossible for every single ingredient in a skincare product to be completely natural and unprocessed.

There is invariably some sort of processing even in skincare products made entirely from botanical ingredients. Of course, this processing may itself be natural and increase the efficacy of these ingredients over using them in their entirely natural state. As a useful analogy, think about herbal supplements – these are most often better than are the plants from which they are derived, since extracts rather than the entire plant are used.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on the idea of 100% pure skincare (which doesn’t exist in the strictest sense of the term) and use the chemically produced, Maklon Kosmetik often toxic products which you’ll find all too many of on the market. You really are better off looking for natural, holistic skincare products. Steer clear of products which contain parabens. These chemicals make excellent preservatives, but have been indicated in clinical studies as a possible carcinogen.

Parabens make for lower production costs and longer shelf lives for the manufacturers of skin care products. However, what is good for these companies is definitely not good for you! Massaging possibly carcinogenic compounds into your skin just doesn’t make sense.

A 100% pure skincare product also will be free of fragrances. While products containing fragrances may smell nice, these fragrances are usually chemically produced and can be irritating to your skin or even toxic!

Holistic skincare products are made from all natural ingredients which have been naturally processed and which are proven to be effective through thorough testing. You’ll find the best natural ingredients are contained in the best skincare products, such as:

Phytessence Wakame – This product contains wakame, a species of kelp indigenous to the Japanese coast. This is a natural ingredient which has long been used by Japanese women to keep their skin looking its best.

Cynergy TK – This is a keratin extract derived from New Zealand sheep’s wool. This protein is used in Cynergy TK to promote the health of your skin and promote the production of elastin and collagen.

Collagen and elastin, of course, are the proteins which keep your skin firm and elastic. We produce less of these proteins as we age; this leads to wrinkles and sags. 100% pure skincare not only uses these important ingredients, but also entails a healthy lifestyle; regular exercise, a healthy diet rich in leafy greens and lean proteins like seafood as well as ample daily water intake.

Holistic skincare doesn’t have to be difficult. Take the big cosmetic companies hype for what it is and choose products made by companies who are more concerned with making high quality natural skincare products than with multimillion dollar ad campaigns.